International Update: Black Female Bloggers

I found five boss black women that love to do the same things I do.

Corona-tine: America’s Growing Pains

It’s okay to be embarrassed, ashamed, uncomfortable, confused or even angry. These emotions are signs of experiencing change, so please don’t ignore them. Instead, listen to them; let them change you.

International Update, U.S. Edition: Anti-Racism for White Americans

Hey friends, I did some research on anti-racism and have learned A LOT. Let’s do better, ok?

Chicago: Kuma’s Corner, Takeout Edition

I saw the glimmers of greatness I know Kuma’s Corner has to have to be a 15-year-veteran establishment in Chicago.

International Update: Lockdown Lifts

The world is cautiously dipping its toe into the water of reopening.

Corona-tine: Living a Stagnant Life

Has anyone else gotten sick of Zoom calls?

International Update: Arts Edition

When reality gets too overwhelming, these are the things I have always turned to– music, poetry, books, TV shows; silly stories worth sharing.

Corona-tine: Finding Connection in Chaos

Suddenly, I heard church bells. The tinning of the bells had never struck me before like they did that day.

Coronavirus Quarantine: How Are You, Really?

I’ve seen so many articles and Facebook posts saying we’re “safe” at home not “stuck” at home; but can’t we be both?

International Update: Animal Edition

Happiness is hard enough to come by in the best of times, so enjoy the glimmers you get during the worst.