My CHI Views

This city is dirty, eclectic, and a bit eccentric. It’s also breathtaking and thought-provoking.

Sorry for the delay on this week’s article. The flu decided to strike right after Thanksgiving. Since I didn’t complete my International Update for this week, I’ll be covering news articles from 11.22.18 to 11.29.18 instead. For this week, check out some of the views that have become regulars in my daily life in Chicago!


Living in a larger city, it seems there’s always something under construction. So it only seems right that this article has also been “under construction” for some time now. My fascination with Chicago’s under-construction world started with St. Josaphat on Southport.

I wanted to see how far construction would get while I worked at Barnes and Noble here in Chicago. When you take the same walk every day it can get a little tedious, especially when that walk ends with the start of a shift at work. So I became a bit fixated on St. Josaphat. It was a source of familiarity, curiosity, and accountability.  Plus, it’s truly a beautiful church even with blue tarp coverings.

I started taking pictures of the church at different angles, times of day, and states of mind. It was therapeutic. It led to a fascination in what I could find on my daily walks in Chicago. Things have become familiar to me over the last four months, but I often find myself remembering how new everything still really is to me here.

So I decided to take it upon myself to take pictures of my daily routine. From gritty L stops to picturesque Northside neighborhoods, I’ve tried my best to document the sections of Chicago that have had the biggest impact on my time here.

Granville (Red Line)

Granville is the L stop I spend the most time hopping on and off of. It’s the closest L stop to my house. This is where I’ve learned what true CTA heartbreak feels like. The sensation of seeing your train speed past as your on the sidewalk below is pretty darn soul crushing. Thank God I’ve finally memorized the daily train schedule so this happens less frequently now.

Walking to and From Barnes and Noble

Can I just say Lakeview is probably my favorite neighborhood in Chicago so far? It’s just a truly quaint place in the middle of a bustling city. With that say, I definitely can’t afford to live there as a 25-year-old just starting out in Chicago. Some day though, I could see myself living in this Northside neighborhood.


Armitage (Brown Line)

The Brown Line has the best views. It’s the only L line that is entirely above the city.  The Armitage stop overlooks Lakeview. I love the contrast of the red and sand brick buildings next to the eggshell blue and the stormy grey roofs. There’s something reminiscent of Europe in these shots. It made my heart happy.


Rushing to Wells St.

Working down in the Financial District has been a truly unique experience for me. I’m essentially in the Loop, but kind of on the edge of it. Some of the scenery on the way to my office is a little rough-and-tumble but most of it is really quite beautiful.


Jackson (Red Line)

Here’s the difference between an L stop in the middle of the city verses in one of the city’s neighborhoods. I feel like there’s grufness to Jackson and I kind of love it. It keeps you on edge when you’re waiting for your train, but it’s also a stop that has some of the best street performers I have heard in Chicago. The sounds of Jackson are really something to behold.


The Loop at Night

I’ve had some late nights in the Loop, but seeing this part of the city when it’s pretty close to desolate and the only sounds filling the air are the rushing wind passing between the buildings and the L trains bustling overhead is totally worth it.

Every nook and cranny I’ve discovered has reminded me why I packed up and moved here. This city is dirty, eclectic, and a bit eccentric. It’s also breathtaking and thought-provoking.

I know I’ve said it before, but I’d like to say it again. Chicago is the perfect balance of East Coast urgency meets Midwestern hospitality. It is the perfect blend of the way I was brought up and I think that’s why I’ve fallen in love with this place so quickly.

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