13 Gifts Every Globetrotter Wants This Holiday Season

The great and powerful Globetrotter Gift List is here and ready to help you out.

Are you still scratching your head about what to get your favorite globetrotter this holiday season? We all know they really just want a one-way ticket to Thailand, but ain’t no body got time for that.

Look no further! The great and powerful Globetrotter Gift List is here and ready to help you out. We have t-minus 5 days until Black Friday and 8 days until Cyber Monday, so let’s get cracking!

These 13 gifts are great and affordable options for any explorer. All items can be found on Etsy, a great source for unique homemade gifts. Please note that the items are featured by price* from lowest to highest. If you decided to purchase one of the items, be sure to read through the seller’s instructions for optimal ordering happiness!

Happy wandering!

*tax and shipping costs not included in listed prices; prices and availability of items subject to change at any time.




Travel-Inspired Prints

$6.00-$20.00 (depending on size)

These handmade prints are a great cure for the traveler blues. When you’re stuck at home, working that 9 to 5, there’s nothing like an inspirational quote to keep your motivations and spirits high.

These prints come in three sizes: 4″ x 6″ for $6.00 a piece, 5″ x 7″ for $10.00 a piece, and 8″ x 10″ for $20.00 a piece.

For the Not all Who Wander are Lost print, go here. Do you want the What is Life but One Grand Adventure print? Follow this link. If the Wander Often Wonder Always print is more your style, you can find it here.

travel gift post 11
Images provided by Etsy shop, We’re into It


Map Ornament

$7.00-$72.00 (depending on amount purchased)

These handcrafted ornaments are a beautifully whimsical addition for any map lover’s Christmas tree. The individually cut and curled map strips truly highlight the child-like wonder of world wanderers.

Each ornaments measure approximately 8″ around. You can purchase a single ornament for $7.00, a set of 3 for $20.00, a set of 6 for $38.00, or a set of 12 for $72.00.

Purchase yours here!

travel gift post 10
Image provided by Etsy shop, RootToVine



Drawstring Makeup Pouch


Compact packing is a way of life when you’re country-hopping. These drawstring makeup pouches are perfect for the plane-to-train lifestyle.

Each pouch has a water-resistant lining that can easily be wiped clean. I know all of you backpackers out there know how explosive shampoo seems to become once it’s packed away, so this is a 10 out of 10 recommend.

With a variety of fabrics to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a pouch that fits your travel style. Stocks are low on this particular item, so go grab yours today before they’re gone! 

travel gift post 5
Image provided by Etsy shop, SunnyBunnyCraft



Adventure Time Tokens


As I’ve said time and again on this blog, sometimes the best adventures aren’t very far from home.

These Adventure Time Tokens give you the chance to join in on an adventure with your favorite traveler. Let them cash in these chips whenever they like and you’ll be sure to keep their kindred spirit happy!

This wonderfully novel gift can be found here.

travel gift post 8.jpg
Image provided by Etsy shop, LovinBox


Train Ticket Mug


There are travelers that enjoy sitting at their kitchen table on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, reminiscing about their vacations. There are also travelers that would rather throw back a cup of joe at 4 AM and get ready to catch the red-eye to their next destination.

Whatever your coffee drinking style is, this mug has got you covered. Modeled after a standard train ticket, the graphic on this mug has the phrase, “Life is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride.” typed in the center. It’s a perfect daily reminder that half of life’s excitement comes from loving the journey. Grab one of these mugs today! 

travel gift post 13.jpg
Image provided by Etsy shop, Of Life and Lemons


Travel Hair Don’t Care- Unisex V-Neck Graphic Tee

$20.00-$23.00 (depending on size)

When you’ve reached the point of a trip where you have travel hair, there truly are no cares. Why not rock the sentiment on a T-shirt?

This unisex V-Neck comes in five colors: white, deep heather, athletic heather, kelly, and neon pink. The athletic heather’s my personal favorite! Sizes range from XS to 3XL.

Now, go grab one in your size before your next plane ride.

travel gift post 2
Image provided by Etsy shop, five17boutique



Custom City Rings

$21.00 (currently 50% off; normally $42.00)

Everyone has a city skyline that has touched their life in a special way, travelers and homebodies alike. These custom city rings make a statement and give anyone the chance to rep the city of their heart.

For all my Missouri fam, Saint Louis AND Kansas City are options on the list of city skylines. BOTH OF THEM!

And if you don’t see the skyline of your dreams, don’t worry. When placing your order, just choose “ANY OTHER” when picking from the city drop-down list, and write the city of your choice in the note box upon check out.

Your ring can have a silver, gold, or rose gold finish. For an additional $10.00, you can also have a personal message engraved onto the inside of the ring.

These rings are currently 50% off, so get yours now, before the sale is over! 

travel gift post 6
Image provided by Etsy shop, Caitlyn Minimalist



Personalized Leather Journal


Call me old-school, but I firmly believe every adventurer needs a notebook. Look at the greats like Marco Polo and Nellie Bly. They wrote down all of their stories on paper and you should too!

Each journal measures to roughly 5″ x 8″, a decently sized travel journal. The paper is lined, which I see as an absolute must, and each journal contains 112 pages.

There are eight different shades of vegan leather to choose from for the cover and you can select from an array of engravings to help make your journal even more personal. Four of these engravings are travel-themed as well! Go here to buy your perfect travel journal! 

travel gift post 1
Image provided by Etsy shop, BP Laser Engraving


Travel and Journey Themed Personalised Cuff Links

$29.95-$32.95 (depending on finish)

Is your traveler one of those travelers that always has their life together, and wears a suit to the airport? First of all, I’ve seen them, I envy them, and I admire them. All of the dapper dressers should be rewarded with these chic cuff links.

Each cuff link is completely customizable. Just add the two towns or cities you want on your cuff links into the “add your personalization” box on your order and you’ll be all set. The vendor does request that you stick to towns (big or small) or cities, with some landmarks possible!

There are four finishes to pick from, pictured below. So, what are you waiting for? Go order a pair of these cuff links!  

travel gift post 7
Image provided by Etsy shop, Bookity



Phone Charging Passport Holder


I can’t tell you how many of my personal travel stories start with the sentence, “Well, my phone was about to die when…”  This phone charging passport holder would have saved me from many anxiety-filled moments, that’s more than sure.

Having everything in one convenient package is always great for any traveler out there. Compact packing is king, after all. There’s room for your passport, credit cards, cash, boarding passes, phone cables, and (of course) your phone!

The phone charging passport holder comes in 10 color and travel quote variations. My personal favorite is the green “Let’s Get Lost” case. Check out the other options here!

Image provided by Etsy shop, loviestyle


Travel Piggy Bank


The hardest part about going on adventures is paying for them, am I right? Why not make the frugal lifestyle more fun by picking up one of these travel piggy banks?

With a shadow box design, you can literally watch as your savings grow in this personalizable piggy bank. You have the choice of an atlas style or vintage style map as your backdrop and you can choose from four different frame/font combinations.

Each piggy bank says, “Travel Fund” across the front, but any names of your choice can be added to make it extra special. Find this must-have here!

travel gift 3
Image provided by Etsy shop, WanderCollective


Classic Travel Tub Blanket


Have you ever unwrapped one of the blankets passed out on an international flight and thought, what did I do to deserve this scratchy purgatory? Have you ever realized that your cardigan cannot double as a makeshift pillow and blanket while you’re sitting on a train? Look no further, I think I’ve officially found the solution.

I don’t have one of these, but the ingenuity of the Tube Blanket caught my attention immediately. I honestly wish I had this during my semester abroad in 2015. It can easily be worn around your neck, disguised as a scarf, and transforms into a body length source of warmth and comfort whenever needed (it’s 59 inches long!).

Check out more pictures displaying the Tube Blanket’s epicness when you buy your favorite traveler one here!

travel gift post 9
Image provided by Etsy shop, TravelTubeBlankets
travel gift post 9 (2)
Image provided by Etsy shop, TravelTubeBlankets



Monogram Vegan Leather Overnight Duffel


Who needs a travel bae when you have a bag this cute to go on trips with?  This duffel is the perfect addition to anyone’s luggage set. It comes in four different shades of vegan leather and has an adjustable shoulder strap as well. There are even metal feet on the bottom to help prevent wear and tear!

With 25 font options and 36 thread colors for your personal monogram, you’ll be sure to have a truly unique duffel bag for your next adventure. Order one today! 

travel gift post 12
Image provided by Arden & Gold


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