VB Chocolate Bar: Cottleville, MO

There are a handful of things that can easily make a woman (or maybe just me) happy. The two that instantly come to mind are girls’ nights and chocolate.

Hi, everybody! before we get started with this chocolate-covered staycation, I have some exciting news. I’ve decided to add a new segment to the blog called, “International Update.”

Every other week, I will write an article about international news. It will feature five articles I’ve found throughout the week from international newspapers; I’ll summarize them, explain why I think they’re important, and include the article links at the end of the post. My travel articles will become bi-weekly from here on out.

I’m really excited to see where this segment takes the blog and I hope you are too. So, without further ado, read on to learn about VB Chocolate Bar.

I really hate generalizing, but I’ve found that over my last 24 years as a woman, men seem to think that we are complex, confusing, and sometimes downright weird. We’re looked at as if we’re some kind of mystery that needs to be decoded (or something ridiculously like that).

I’d like to clear up this myth once and for all. There are a handful of things that can easily make a woman (or maybe just me) happy. The two that instantly come to mind are girls’ nights and chocolate.

Those two ingredients are exactly how I ended up at VB Chocolate Bar Tuesday with my best friend from high school. We hadn’t seen each other in a while (which is usually a month, at most). I was scrolling through Facebook and what did I see? An advertisement for Buy One Get One Half Off martinis at VB Chocolate Bar.

VB’s is a hidden gem that we’ve ventured to before, usually to grab a coffee and one of their chocolate-filled baked goods. We had yet to try any of their alcoholic confections and I was completely on board with drinking a martini with my best friend.

We showed up around 7:00 pm and the place was comfortably busy. With rustic decor and mason jars re-purposed into water glasses, it’s a millennial paradise, but the clientele at VB’s is a very eclectic bunch. There were middle aged groups enjoying coffees or cocktails while students worked on group projects. A group of girlfriends shared flat breads in the back corner and–what looked like– a first date was going on to our right.



VB’s is a split-level restaurant with the top half focusing on coffee while the lower half features the bar. Food and chocolate are accessible from all levels. From the lower level, you can access a really nice patio with plush outdoor seating and a great fire pit. Since Missouri can’t seem to decide if it’s spring or winter, we stayed inside this time around. Hopefully in the weeks to come, I’ll make it back to enjoy the set up they have outside.

While we perused the menu, I started to understand why VB’s is known for their chocolate. From truffles to chocolate bars, this place serves high-end product with unique flavor combinations to match. The one item that especially caught my eye was their 72% dark chocolate, toasted fennel, quinoa, date & walnut bark.

Even though all of the chocolate concoctions looked enticing, we were on a mission. We wanted martinis, and we wanted them now. Per the menu featured online, VB Chocolate Bar’s martini menu goes as follows:

  • dark chocolate
  • milk chocolate caramel
  • white or dark peppermint
  • white or dark russian
  • espresso
  • caramel pretzel
  • white cake
  • s’more
White cake and dark Russian maritnis

I went with the dark Russian while my best friend went with the white cake. I can’t say much about what she thought about her white cake choice outside of it having a ton of whipped cream, but I know I would go back for the dark Russian in a heartbeat.

During my freshman year of college, my floor mates often referred to alcohol as, “chocolate milk” to cover up our weekend activities while on a dry campus. We weren’t fooling anyone with our code word, and we all knew it.

As I drank my dark Russian cocktail, I instantly thought back to those days. I knew I had finally found our code word in its true alcoholic form. It was the dark Russian. The rim of the glass had a chocolate drizzle and crushed cocoa nibs around the edge which was a great textural addition to the drink.

The night was filled with boozy happiness and awesome conversation. There’s nothing quite like catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while but have know for forever. It’s truly amazing how things can pick up from where you left off without judgement or question. It becomes a mini vacation for reality as you relive your lives from the past 30 days (or maybe the passed five years). Your trip down memory lane may only last a couple hours, but it’s an escape from the constant humdrum of your life. This is why girls’ nights are some of my favorite things. They’re easy, they’re fun, and you’re guaranteed to feel refreshed and ready for a new day after one.

Just a favorite piece of decor at VB’s

As we prepared to pay for our drinks, I ventured to ask our waitress if it was okay for us to split the bill in half. I was worried that, since it was a BOGO event, we would have to keep it on one payment. She was completely fine with splitting our bill and we each left having saved a little bit of cash.

VB’s martinis are typically $9.00, two coming to $12.50 with their current deal. With tax, I think we both spent around $7.25 which is a steal for any cocktail; especially ones featuring high-end chocolate.

If you plan on stopping by, take note that VB’s is located in a parking lot that requires you to pay for parking. There are free parking spots behind the restaurant, but if you do decide to park in the pre-pay lot, VB’s will reimburse you in full.

VB’s BOGO 1/2 OFF event continues through April 19th. The deal is Tuesday through Thursday from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm, so, if you’re in the Cottleville area, get there while the getting is good (aka this week). And for the love of God, try the dark Russian.


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